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In aviation, it is necessary to have a Type Rating certificate. It demonstrates you knowledge of an aircraft beyond the licence and class training. Therefore, AKTD has contracts with Aviation Training Centers in different countries which developed a Type Rating Training course that has been created with the student in mind. This certification shows employers the depth of your knowledge and superior skill in an aircraft that you have specialised. These Type Rating training implements a variety of training into the course. You will study CBT, JOC, CPT, FMC familiarisation and LOFT all in A320 and Boeing 737 CL & NG fixed base simulator.

Airbus A320 Distance Learning

Airbus A320 Type Rating distance learning is now applicable at AKTD. The approved Airbus A320 Type Rating program is a flexible training solution for pilots to study 72 hours of the Ground course program syllabus in your preferable location outside the training centre.

Why choose Distance Learning?
• Gain more flexibility planning their crew training
• Save on living expenses and daily allowances
• Shorten the time of your pilots being “off duty”

Boeing 737 CL type rating

AKTD provides \ approved Boeing 737 CL Type Rating Training that can be designed in line with the company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). One of the widest networks of Boeing 737 CL Full Flight Simulators in Europe allows us to ensure the highest availability of training sessions on academy’s simulators and adaptive schedule. Experienced instructors, flexibility, customised solutions and all-inclusive support for a client set up the foundation for professional services delivered to our business clients. We apply modern training solutions and innovative techniques to help pilots achieve better results as soon as possible.


One of the most important parts of becoming a successful and reliable pilot is your knowledge of everything that surrounds you in the cockpit. Being able to act and react to a situation is fundament in your flying ability. AKTD’S partner has created a Multi-Crew Coordination (MCC) course that will help you perfect your leadership, decision-making and teamwork abilities in the cockpit. The course will work through a number of aspects of cockpit management. You will have 25 hours of theory in our ground school and 20 hours of practical sessions in our Boeing 737 NG and Airbus 320 simulators. MCC explores everything from JOC to Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Screening and Interview Preparations.

( opt. CRM, SCREEN. PREP. )

MCC Initial or Refresher
• 25 Hrs Theoretical Training
• 20 Hrs Simulator Training
• CBT & Manuals incl.
• 10 Days
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