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To view the last status of Tickets In the flight search section, first choose ticket type (One Way, Round trip) Then specify the origin, destination, date of trip, number of passengers and ... Then click the Search Button to view the list of flights. To select origin and destination city, type 3 letters of that in English or Persian language to view the list of cities and then select your target. Reserve Flight Ticket Select your desired Ticket: in search results, list of tickets matching your conditions are displayed ordered from cheapest ticket, and you can view full accurate information of each flight including airline, date, departure and landing time, flight duration, flight class, and the ticket price Also in 'More Flight Details' section, the completing information of the flight, such as ticket and baggage rules, airports and airplane type are displayed. By clicking the Reserve button and approving the flight, you will be redirected to the next step 'Passengers Information' If you are looking for cheap flight ticket in each desired country or you want to travel with a specific airline or in a specific time, You can easily customize the search results by using the filters located in the right section. You can filter the results by Number of Stops, Airline, Ticket Price, Flight Time and the Airport. To change the flight date, you can use the 'Search Again' button located in the right panel. Possibility of buying Services along with flight tickets You can buy services such as airport transfer, travel insurance, visas, airport services along with your ticket. Airports List of Airports of each country is displayed on the right side of ticket information. If the airport is important for you to travel to your destination ، you can select your desired airport in the airport filtering. Some specifications of purchasing tickets of desired countries or cities You can buy services along with tickets Along with flight ticket, you can buy services such as Airport Transfer, Travel Insurance, Visa, Ceremonial Services, ... etc.
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