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Consulting & Audit

Our aviation consultancy service provides you with skills from some of the most experienced aviation professionals in the global aviation industry.
Aviation Consultancy

Our aviation consultancy service provides you with skills from some of the most experienced aviation professionals in the global aviation industry.Collectively they have spent many years as senior managers for major airlines in flight operations, training and aircrew (pilots and cabin crew) resourcing departments. Services include full management and operational support for airline start-ups, safety and performance audits and new fleet introductions.We offer bespoke and technologically competent software solutions which can be tailored to meet airline specific operational requirements.If you are looking for an innovative and fresh approach, our teams are proactive when it comes to examining existing procedures, opinions and attitudes and proposing new, cost-effective alternatives.

AKTD’s deep knowledge in the commercial aviation industry and continuous involvement in consulting projects has led us to officially incorporate consulting services into our portfolio. Our consultants as well as our associates and partner companies have proven track records and excellent customer references when it comes to the following areas of commercial airline operations.
Initial preparation and development of the start-up business plan and finance plan for shareholders and potential investors Project planning and development of time table and schedule of events prior and post AOC reception Coordination with the CAO as aviation authorities Selection and definition of required post holder organization according to Cao requirements Development and completion of all required documents (including OM-parts A, B, C and D as well as MEL) up until acquirement of the AOC
AKTD can support customers with aircraft trade situations, international lease and purchases. This includes appraisal, value forecasting of aircraft, engines and other aviation related assets for purchasing, leveraging, securitizing, selling and leasing.
AKTD’s flight operations consulting offers a variety of services such as: • IT: information technology consulting in regards to operational systems • Cost optimization consulting including studies and fuel assessments • Flight operations consulting • Performance engineering including process analysis and process improvement as well as customized project solutions for commercial airlines • Flight dispatch and operations control - business process improvement • Training solutions for flight operations, dispatch and operations control and performance engineering
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) established the internationally accepted IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Programme, as an evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. All IATA members are IOSA registered and must remain registered to maintain IATA membership. To provide a standardized audit programme of the operational management and control systems of an airline that is based on internationally-recognised standards and supported by a rigorous quality assurance process, for the purpose of serving the airline industry in terms of improving worldwide operations and reducing the number of operational audits that are conducted. IATA launched the IOSA program in 2003 as the first internationally accepted audit standard and is now recognized as the 'benchmark' audit program. • Corporate Organization and Management Systems (ORG) • Flight Operations (FLT) • Operational Control – Flight Dispatch (DSP) • Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance (MNT) • Cabin Operations (CAP) • Ground Handling (GRH) • Cargo Operations (CGO) • Operational Security (SEC)
AKTD can help your airline prepare for an IOSA audit by assisting with interpretation of standards and showing how to conform to the requirements of the IOSA Standards Manual. This can include updating documentation, conducting gap analysis and compliance audits in each IOSA area. We offer: • Safety, Compliance & Operational Excellence • Manual Writing, Amendment Service & Document Control • Advisory & Mentoring • IOSA preparation (assistance)
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