Flight Dispatch License Program

Course Description

This challenging flight dispatch course is designed to meet the requirements of the IRAN Civil Aviation Authority according the regulations .
The course consists of three phases: an online interactive distance-learning phase, an residency class room phase and a practical on job phase.
In order to complete the full program here is a short list of miles stones that each student has to complete:
1. Registration
2. Minimum Qualification Requirements
3. Practical Introduction
4. Theoretical interactive distance-learning
5. Theoretical classroom training
6. AKTD Theoretical Exam
7. Practical Training
8. AKTD Practical Exam
9. Issue of Dispatch License
The AKTD’s Dispatch License has validation for an indefinite period of time.
Online Distance Learning

Even though the students will also be issued with paper learning materials are all theoretical modules and chapters of our course presented online, such as Weather Theory, Non-Graphic Weather, Graphic Weather, Aeronautical Information Manual, Regulations, Aircraft Performance, Aircraft Limitations and Systems. Each module or chapter has to be successfully completed online before the student can move on to the next.
Students require internet access, an user ID and password issued after payment.
Successful completion of the distance learning is a prerequisite to enter the classroom training. Plan on a minimum of 3 months to complete the online modules and online examinations. This phase will be accessible on a password-protected realm of our website.
Classroom Training

Following successful completion of the distance learning program the students will enter the 2 week residency phase at our training facilities in Tehran, IRAN. The duration is 10 working days, 8 clock hours per day from 08:00 – 1700 with a 1 hour lunch break.
The 2 weeks will consist primarily of flight planning, regulations review and testing, Aircraft Systems/limitations review and testing.
Practical Learning

After successful completion of the theoretical AKTD exam the student will enter the final phase of the program. This final practical phase has a duration of 3 months and will allow the dispatcher to put all theory into practice. The practical phase will close with the final practical exam.

• Students must be at least 21 years old.
• Students have to fulfill the minimum requirements for English.
• The minimum requirements for Mathematics, Physics and English can be achieved through the appropriate grades of the above listed classes in their IRANIAN High School Diploma or through an online exam that has to be passed. Students who have worked in airline operations for a number of years do not have to take the exam.
Class Size

Maximum Class Size: 7 Students
Minimum Class Size: 2 Students
Training Syllabus Theory

The theoretical training covers following topics:
• Air Law
• Aircraft General Knowledge / Airframes & Systems
• Aircraft General Knowledge / Electrics
• Aircraft General Knowledge / Powerplant
• Instruments
• Mass & Balance
• Flight Performance
• Flight planning and -monitoring
• Human Performance and Limitations
• Meteorology
• General Navigation
• Radio Navigation
• Operational Procedures OPS
• Principles of Flight
• VFR and IFR-Communications
The interactive distance learning program is facilitated through a cooperation between AKTD and Civil Aviation . It will be provided to the students in paper and as an electronic license via the CAT eBook Viewer.
Training Syllabus Practical Work

The practical training covers following topics:
01 Responsibility
02 Fuel Policy
03 Altimetry
04 WX-Format
05 LDG-Minima
07 T/O Minima
08 ALTN Selection
09 RWY-report
10 CWO, Cold Weather Operation
11 Landing Performance
12 T/O Performance
13 Use ability of aerodromes
16 Area of Operation
17 DGR, Dangerous Goods Regulations
18 OFP
19 Crew Duty Times
20 ATC-Regulations
During practical training, the student will operate in shift service in the OPS/OCC. Each student is given a fixed instructor, so that under the guidance of the team the syllabus can be trained.
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