AKTD E-Training

is the combined product of hundreds of hours of aviation experience.
AKTD Training are prepared by seasoned flight instructors and professionals. Beyond it's well prepared content, AKTD try to use modern technological systems to streamline access, security and availability to pilots , cabin crew, dispatchers in IRAN and around the world.

Advantages of Distance Learning (E-learning) :
• Individual adoption of learning based on personal rhythms (some students prefer studying at night, others during the day)
• Flexible lesson start (every time; no waiting periods)
• Flexible time management
• Individual learning progress (student is not being slowed down or hurried by other classmates)
• No accommodation costs (learning from home)
• No social pressure (did not understand but doesn’t dare ask again in order to “save face”)
• No competitor pressure (“the others are so fast, but I am slow”)
• Lower expenses (approximately a third of the cost of a full-time course)

Advantages of Classroom Learning:
• Context for learning can be developed in front of the student
• Instructor can answer questions immediately during the classroom time
• Correspondence course (folders, e-books)
• 24-hour support from authors and teachers from the first day by e-mail or telephone
• Use of Internet for communication between participants and teachers, and for intermediate online tests, final online tests, etc.
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