Cabin Crew Assistance

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Crew Assistance

With 24 / 7 operational assistance, we provide a whole new outlook in convenience for your flight crew. Our expert team will match your crew’s requirements and ensure your requirements are met from land side transportation needs, customs and immigration clearance assistance and other services that would make your crew’s travel easier.
Aviation Human resources & Training

Cabin crew training projects:

Full Solution for Airlines
AKTD Training offers a complex solution for the airlines that aims both: to save time and ensure safety-orientated cabin crew preparation.

Cabin Crew Recruitment
AKTD Training is ready to conduct the cabin crew recruitment meeting your airline needs. Our know-how built through years of experience in the field guarantees a smooth process of gathering, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for the job.

Full Series of Cabin Crew Training
In addition to recruitment, we offer a full series of ICAO /EASA cabin crew training: Initial Cabin Crew, Conversion and also Line Training. All of them could be provided one after another in accordance of airline requirements with the aim to prepare professionals. Cabin crew courses of AKTD Training are designed and delivered by aviation field experts to give students both theoretical and practical knowledge of the flight attendant’s profession.
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